Yumo .Wu, co-founder of anyone workspace and semi-underground space, her artworks is contemplates digital photography and traditional photographic.
Most of the works are about nature and human life.


Anyone workspace is an aesthetical and creative laboratory. The creative team consists of contemporary artists, architects, photographers, financial practitioners and freelance draftsmen. All the aesthetic ideas that can eventually be presented can be launched here. "Curiosity and kindness with the world" is a small fortune for team members to begin every exploration, and "delivering beauty and discovering possibilities" is a core value that Anyone workspace ultimately wants to share.

ADD:T3 art community -14B,SHUNYI,BEIJING,CHINA

EMAIL: info@anyone-art.com


Semi-underground Space


Semi-underground Space,committed to creating an international young artists air-resident  project(SUSArt-Artist in residence),was established in T3 international art zone of Beijing in 2017. SUS  provides  young international artists who want to understand more of the current Eastern cultures the opportunity to work and stay in Beijing. By presenting a global vision of art in timeline, SUS prompts the collision of cultures and ideas.

SUS institution have a wide range of collection and art cooperation agencies in the world.The project "SUSArt-Artist in Residence" was launched together with Anyone workspace design company in GS-Space of Beijing in 2017.SUS institution believes that international artists have the extraordinary ability to integrate regions and cultures, and resident creation is the most direct artistic ways for their exchange and practice.Therefore, SUS institution provides excellent creative conditions for international young artists to study oriental culture in Beijing with a global view.

The "artist resident project" of SUSArt-Artist in residence will begin on March 2018.A new vision and creative platform for international artists is coming , SUS is looking forward to your artistic impact and ideas.



EMAIL:  semispace@163.com